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Call for volunteers (desperately needed)!

Hello NIMH families,

I have received a request from a parent to share our volunteer sign-up link with you. NIMH’s parent volunteer team is working with a bare-bones crew to complete the huge amount of work before and during the performances for the remainder of this week and they are in desperate need of more volunteers to make the process run as smoothly as possible. Bell School truly thrives because of the generosity of its amazing parents and families, and the show simply cannot happen without enough volunteers behind the scenes. The students and production team have worked so hard for months to make this show a success, and they need all hands on deck for the home stretch of this process. Please consider donating a couple hours of your time tomorrow, Friday, and/or Saturday to assist our incredible group of students and their families with what I’m sure is going to be an outstanding performance!

There are approximately 20 volunteer “spots” available to assist with ticket booth sales at the door of the performances, and backstage assistance and supervision during every in-school and public performance. The link is below, and all you have to do is enter your e-mail in order to volunteer.¬†For questions or more information, contact Claire Sutton at

Click HERE to volunteer at!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ms. Schmidt ūüôā



Bravo and congratulations to all of our cast, crew, student production team, and families on a fantastic run of This Bell Life! We couldn’t be prouder¬†of the way everyone and everything came together to celebrate our incredibly special school community. Hopefully everyone has caught up on their rest today and is ready to get back to the real world tomorrow!

One more gigantic thank you to everyone who took time to volunteer for this production during the last couple months and in the previous few days. Every bit of help, no matter great or small, is crucial in making our show a success and every year we’re humbled by the help and kindness given to us by our play families. By the final show, we were running like a well-oiled machine and I’m so impressed and grateful at the way Bell’s students and their families can make magic like this happen.

If you’re interested in helping us out one last time, parent volunteers Frank and Nathalie will be at Bell around 5:00pm on Monday the 6th to strike our set and get the stage back to normal. The more hands we have on deck, the faster this process will go! Sign up for the spot here¬†(and bring a drill if you have one!). Thank you!

Also – don’t forget that all t-shirt orders are due this Friday, March 10th.¬†Click here for the This Bell Life t-shirt order form!

More information will come in the next couple of weeks about the cast/crew party, DVD orders, and more. It’s hard to believe we don’t have rehearsal tomorrow, but we’ll still have at least one more day all together to celebrate one last time! Once again, thanks for being a part of This Bell Life with us.¬†‚ô•

Volunteer opportunities – we need you!!

Sign up to volunteer for “This Bell Life” at this link!

Hello TBL families,

Our premiere is less than a week away!! Tech week and performances are always a VERY busy time for the production team, cast, and crew, and a successful show would not be possible without the amazing volunteers we are lucky enough to have every year. We have many opportunities for parents and families to lend a hand to our production, including:

  • Final stages of set construction and painting
  • Backstage assistance and supervision
  • Hair/makeup station supervision
  • Ticket sales
  • Reserved seating/ushering
  • Show breakdown and cleanup

Detailed descriptions of each role are listed on the website. We need volunteers during tech week, at our dress rehearsals during and after school, at our in-school and public performances, and after our final performance. Please consider donating your invaluable time or skills to our production, and check back periodically for possible additional volunteer opportunities. Thank you in advance – we truly couldn’t do it without YOU!

Sign up to volunteer for “This Bell Life” at this link!

Closing weekend starts today!

We will see everyone today at 2:00 to start our cue-to-cue, photoshoot, dinner, and final Friday performance!

If anyone is available to volunteer tonight or tomorrow, we are still looking to fill a few more spots for Reserved Seating/Ushering, Hair/Makeup Supervision, Ticket Sales, and Backstage Supervision. Thanks in advance! Click here to sign up to volunteer!

See you all SOON!

Information and Reminders for Friday, April 1st – Opening night!

After our two very exhausting school shows today, we’re hoping everyone gets lots of rest tonight in preparation for opening night tomorrow! We¬†have some information about tomorrow, reminders about behavior expectations, a call for volunteers, and a prop request:

  1. All actors are called at 4:00pm. All crew members are called at 5:00pm. Crew members are welcome to come earlier if they so choose.
  2. We have a handful of parent volunteers to assist backstage tomorrow, but we are sorely in need of more! If you can volunteer tomorrow, Saturday, or next weekend, please click this link for our VolunteerSpot page!
  3. All students “backstage” in the hallway must be on the best behavior at all times and clean up after themselves! Several Bell staff members today mentioned that the behavior of our offstage actors and crew members was not stellar. Many students were loud, disrespectful to adults and other students, left garbage and crumbs all over the hallway, and were playing with props and equipment that was not theirs.
  4. With the exception of lights crew and actors in scenes 1 and 4, no students should be on the balcony at any time during the performance. Actors must remain backstage and crew members should remain with their crew to perform their responsibilities.
  5. DO NOT TOUCH OR PLAY WITH PROPS. Several props were broken or misplaced today due to misuse. Production Team members also witnessed crew members playing with props and chatting behind the curtains while scenes were taking place onstage. Remember that if you are behind the curtains and you can see the audience, it means they can also see you!
  6. We are looking for a service bell for a prop…if anyone has one, please bring let Ms. Schmidt know!
  7. Lastly, in case anyone was unaware, Ms. Schmidt, Ms. Lambert, and all Bell interpreters and other CTU members are not allowed to be present for opening night due to the CTU’s “day of action.” However,¬†Ms. Miller,¬†Katy, Levi, Mr.Guzm√°n, volunteer interpreters, other Bell staff members, and many parent volunteers will be present to assist all our students and ensure a smooth run of our show. The full production team will be present for our show on Saturday, April 2nd. Please contact Ms. Schmidt if you have any questions.

Good luck to all cast and crew tomorrow on our opening night of Pinocchio!!! ♥

Volunteer opportunities for tech week and performances!

Hello Pinocchio families,

As you know, the¬†amazing parent volunteers are the core of any Bell School production. The shows truly couldn’t happen without your time and talents! Anyone who is willing to volunteer for our production in one or more areas (ticket sales, ushering, hair/makeup, and more) can use the link below to sign up. (VolunteerSpot asks for a confirmation of your e-mail to sign up to volunteer, but you do not have to register an account with them to do so.) Feel free to share this with other Bell families as well! Thanks in advance – we can’t wait for all the separate teams to come together and make Pinocchio happen next week!!

Pinocchio Volunteer Sign-Up