Hi everyone. Today was a good day.


Details for tomorrow:

Full company 7:15am.

7:15-9am: Work troubles spots

9am: Get ready for show

10:15am: first school show

12-1pm: BRING YOUR LUNCH, we’ll eat in the auditorium after.

1-3pm: photo shoot, work problem areas

3:15: Full company goes home, eats, and focuses.

5pm: Full company called.

5-6pm: Work problem areas.

6pm: Get ready for show.

7pm: Opening night.


7:15am: Full Company

7:15am-8:15am: POLISH

8:30: Get ready for show

9: 15: second school show

FULL COMPANY RELEASED AFTER SHOW (and debrief), with possible exceptions of Brisby’s, Shrew. and Ages for scene work.

5pm call: FULL COMPANY

7pm: Second public performance.

Be here. I love everyone. You should be proud.



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