Weekend stuff

Hey yall! Some updates and major points of consideration:

Costumes: Many actors have brought in costume pieces for approval. That’s awesome.

I ask that each family reviews the costume guide here: NIMH Costume Guide

It’s helpful! Remember, we are NOT asking you to make a bunch of purchases or break the bank. This is a sourcing materials opportunity. It’s a thrifting opportunity. Know that the aesthetic concept is old timey, dust bowl era clothes: knickers, vests, argyle socks, button up shirts, suspenders, earth tones. black or brown shoes or boots (no tennis shoes, no sneakers).

The SET:

Any one willing to come in and get their hands dirty Sunday morning from 9-12 is more than welcome. We have a good amount left to do. We could use the hands!


Charlie Jolls, our lighting designer, is loading in rentals monday morning. he could use an assist. If you have a truck or van and some time or you’re interested in helping, please email him ASAP at Charles@lyghtpath.com


note that ‘full company’ means ALL CAST AND CREW.


please please please please, no more conflicts. If you send me an email thinking, well it’s not that big of a deal…just realize that YOU ARE NOT the only one sending me an email:)

Golly gee I tell ya, last week I got over THIRTY emails with last minute conflicts.

AND HERE’S A THING: WE HAVE NEVER HAD EVEN CLOSE TO PERFECT ATTENDANCE. It’s a little maddening. There are so many people, families, volunteers, teachers, etc. working so hard to make this thing happen. KIDS, please honor their work by doing yours.

okay. keep an eye out for updates. be vigilant. be proud. it’s a thing, and it’s happening.


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