A friendly and important check-in

Hello NIMH families!

I can’t believe we’re nearing Spring Break, and then immediately tumbling into our final month of rehearsal. Time flies!

This post serves as a check-in and contains a few updates, reminders, and requests.

First, Actors! You’re awesome. You’re all doing such strong and brave work. I hope you go home every night as proud and excited as I do. Please be off-book (memorized) for the entire play when we are back from Spring Break. We’ve built ourselves enough time to really dig into the scene work in April, but only if you’re fully prepared.

Crew! Start paying close attention to the rehearsal calendar. You will be getting called in regularly. Also, soon we will have crew specific training sessions. So be ready!! Sound, some of you met with Hugh Daly to inventory and check equipment. Thank you!

Families! This is a friendly reminder to please turn in your $50 participation fees. As it stands, we have received about half of them, which is great! But as we get closer to build and tech, every fee counts big time. So we are eager to get those in.

Parents! PLEASE SEE BELOW, the following message from Nathalie Belanger, an amazing NIMH parent:

‘Hi families!

Last year Frank and I design and built the set for THIS BELL LIFE. Well… we are doing it again! This time we need your help. Because our planet doesn’t need more trash , we don’t want to create a set that will be thrown-away after a week. Our concept is inspired by the recycle sculptures the Shedd Aquarium hosted last fall called “Washed Ashore”. 


We would like to ask if you could save all plastic containers small and big, of any color. If there is label on the container you can take it out. It would help us. Also please wash them.

The stage at Bell School is very large 25’h x 40’ wide. We will take everything you will save for us. When you have a good amount saved send us a message and we will come and pick it up.

The play is the week of April 23rd. We will be taking your containers up until April 6th. 

Thanks for helping us and you can share this message with everyone you think could help.


If you have containers to give, please turn them in the auditorium, backstage. we will also set up drop off containers near the main entrance.


If you have time, interest, and energy, and want to volunteer your time- PLEASE PLEASE email me at Levi.bellschool@gmail.com with your availability and area of interest. This is a village, and it takes one!

Stay tuned for updates galore.

All the best,





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