And we’re off!!


Welcome, Bell families, to this Spring’s production of The Secret of NIMH!! It’s going to be an exciting rehearsal process! This website/blog will keep you apprised of what we’re up to, what our rehearsal schedule is, and what the general lowdown is.

It’s been an awesome first week. We’re already doing scene work!IMG_7614-1

Note that Levi’s email is

Please don’t hesitate to contact him with any questions OR if a cast or crew member has an upcoming conflict. This is a shorter than usual rehearsal process, and vigilance will be so very appreciated.

ALSO A SNOW DAY on 2/9 throws us a curveball in terms of rehearsal. See below, the updated calender:

NIMH schedule week 1-2

Reminder to send along your child’s participation fee if you haven’t done so.

be sure to check this blog regularly for updates.

gave a great day!



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