Save the date for our cast and crew party!

HELLO everyone! It’s certainly been a while, but now that Neverbird’s Pinocchio has wrapped and the directors all have our lives back (for now!), we’d like to try to hold that long-overdue cast and crew party to celebrate an awesome production of This Bell Life! In order to avoid conflicts with the 8th grade D.C. trip and other end-of-the-year festivities, we’d like to plan our party for next Friday, June 2nd, so save the date!

Our question to all our families is whether anyone who had previously offered to host and/or sponsor our party is still willing to do so? We have held parties at Bell families’ houses in the past and it’s always a bit more fun than partying at Bell School. If you are willing to host and/or sponsor refreshments, please e-mail me at – we would be so grateful! If there aren’t any takers, we’ll hold the party after school at Bell next Friday (which will still be super fun!). I will distribute final details to everyone before the end of this week.

DVD update: Anne Richter, our parent volunteer, is working hard on editing our show’s DVD and will have it ready as soon as possible. We’ll inform everyone as soon as it’s ready!

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


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