Housekeeping items

A clarification – any students in the “Feeling Good” number should make sure they have BLACK shoes, whether for tap, jazz, or signing. As soon as you are able, please make sure to wear the shoes you plan to wear in the show during our runs. Practicing in the type of shoe you’ll be performing is very important in order to get used to walking around the stage and to alter your body language and movements appropriately.

Students should have brought their costumes in today. Please do so if you have not already. Tomorrow we will work on organizing the dressing room and labeling everyone’s costumes in preparation for our dress rehearsal on Wednesday.

There is a small mistake on the tech week schedule. Students are NOT required to bring a bag lunch on Wednesday – they only need to do so on Thursday due to the modified lunch schedule.

All students should please remember not to use cell phones during rehearsal and that eating in the auditorium is NOT permitted. All actors and crew should also be actively attending to the rehearsal happening onstage and stay quiet while the directors are working with students to ensure that we can make the most of our limited time together.

Day 1 of tech week is down…only three days until our show! We hope you’re getting excited!!



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