Rehearsal schedule for weeks 5 & 6, and some reminders/updates!

Hi families,

We’re making some great progress on our show – we can’t believe at this time in just four weeks, we’ll already be putting on our final performance! With a little less than four weeks of rehearsal left, it’s really time for us to get focused and work as hard as we can until our opening night on March 2nd!

The rehearsal schedule for weeks 5 and 6 is posted below, and with it I’d like to remind everyone of a few things and give you some information about the coming weeks:

  • We have not called crew for the next two weeks, but crew members can expect to be called early the following week (Week 7).
  • We will more than likely call ALL CAST for every day in Week 7 (Tuesday 2/21 through Friday 2/24) and ALL CAST AND CREW for every day of tech week (Monday 2/27 to Wednesday 3/1). All tech week rehearsals are mandatory, and students are strongly recommended to attend all week 7 rehearsals as well. We will not have rehearsal after school on the days of public performances.
  • We are discussing the possibility of a special rehearsal on Sunday 2/19 and/or Monday 2/20. Details will be forthcoming.
  • Please note the due dates for early bird program ads (Monday 2/6), cast and student production bios (Friday 2/10), and final program ads (Friday 2/10).
  • Early bird t-shirt orders will be due on Monday, February 13th, but if you think you’ve missed something, don’t worry – the order forms have NOT been sent out yet. I have been working with our design company and finalizing the artwork, pricing, and other details, and will post the order forms as soon as I can, hopefully no later than Tuesday of this week. Please just expect a very quick turnaround time and be sure to place your t-shirt order as soon as you can when the order forms are ready. (Early bird orders will be delivered before our first public performance, and final orders will be delivered after our final performance.) If you are interested in assisting with t-shirt orders and distribution, please let me know!
  • Ticket order forms and information will be released very soon, as will detailed info about costumes. Stay tuned!

Rehearsal Schedule Weeks 5 and 6tblrehearsalscheduleweeks05and06-page-001


2 thoughts on “Rehearsal schedule for weeks 5 & 6, and some reminders/updates!

  1. Hi Ms.Schmidt, Is Marc also an “Attic Kid”, in addition to participating in the “House Party” group?

    We’re trying to understand the rehearsal schedule to avoid missing a day. Thank you!


    Sent from my iPhone >


    1. Hi Marvi,

      Marc is called for both groups, which means he will speak to the directors at the beginning of rehearsal and they will decide where the priority lies for that day. He might go with one group or the other, or split his time between the two. Thanks for checking!


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