Reminders for Thursday’s school performances / Call for hair/makeup donations!

Hi everyone! Today was very long, but we finally have a complete run of our show under our belt! We are very excited for tomorrow and have a few last-minute reminders and requests for everyone.

  1. Call time for all cast and crew is 7:15am sharp! If you are unable to get a ride to school at this time, let Ms. Schmidt know as soon as possible what time we should expect you.
  2. Remember to BRING A BAG LUNCH tomorrow. Our morning show will end no later than 11:30am (whether it is finished or not) and lunch for all cast and crew will immediately follow. There will only be time for touch-ups to hair and makeup before we start the next school show at 12:30pm, so all students should leave their hair and makeup on between shows. Most students (with the exception of Dead Girls, Blu, Pinocchio, Redd, Geppetto, Cypress, and Birch) should leave their costumes on between the shows as well.
  3. Townsfolk who want their hair curled/styled should do so at home before they arrive at Bell.
  4. All actors, if possible, should bring their own hairbrush, makeup brushes, and personal makeup supplies to limit sharing as much as possible. (It is more important that this is done for Friday night rather than tomorrow morning, but do bring these items in tomorrow if possible.)
  5. Remember that there is NO REHEARSAL after school tomorrow. When our second school show ends (no later than 3:00pm), all students should go home as normal.

We are also in need of some last-minute makeup supplies for tomorrow. We ideally need these items for tomorrow’s shows but need them no later than 5:00pm on Friday before our opening night. If anyone has any of the following items (unused/unopened), we will gladly and gratefully accept your donations!

  • hair gel
  • brown and black eyeliner
  • eyeshadow
  • mascara
  • dark-colored bronzer
  • white face paint
  • white/light face powder
  • baby wipes
  • makeup brushes

Tomorrow will be our first time practicing with full hair and makeup. Actors should remember to be patient and treat all crew members and adults with respect as this will be their first time performing these tasks for the production.

Get a good night’s sleep tonight and break a leg (and some fingers) for tomorrow’s shows! We are so proud of everyone’s hard work and dedication this week and can’t wait for 7:15 tomorrow morning! 🙂



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