Tips for practicing your ASL!

On Saturday, two Deaf adults from the theatre community attended our rehearsal and were impressed with the signing abilities displayed by our students. They and Mr. Guzmán have some tips to make your ASL even better for the performances next week!

  1. Be sure to face the audience as much as possible when signing onstage. Making sure the majority of audience members can see your face and hands while signing is just as important as speaking loudly and clearly so the audience can hear your voice!
  2. Elbows up! Try signing with your elbows up at your chest level. This helps visibility and clarity when signing onstage.
  3. Practicing in front of the mirror at home can do a great deal to improve your signing.

If you feel that you are struggling or need any clarification on your signs, see Mr. Guzmán, a member of the interpreting team, or one of the Deaf actors in the show for help. We will also be offering a sign-up sheet for students who would like to schedule a 20-minute “appointment” with Mr. Guzmán this week.


2 thoughts on “Tips for practicing your ASL!

  1. Hi Kathryn,

    Just wanted to let you know that Eli does not have his shoes yet for his costume but he will def have them by next week. He’s a little frustrated that I haven’t taken care of it yet so I told him I’d email you.

    Thank you!

    Lisa Sitzman

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