Schedule for Week 11 (with Special Rehearsal on Friday, March 25th!)

As we move into our final week of rehearsal before tech week (eep!), please note that all rehearsals are now mandatory. Actors who are not present for scenes, songs, and dances being run from this point on may risk their participation in those portions of the show.

Please confirm your costume with a member of the production team as soon as possible if you have not done so already. We’ll be holding a dress rehearsal (costumes only) on Thursday, March 24th, so be sure to bring as much of your costume as possible to rehearsal that day.

In addition, due to the unanticipated furlough day and subsequent loss of a very important rehearsal before we enter tech week, we have decided to book a SPECIAL REHEARSAL for Friday, March 25th at The Foxhole Chicago, 2444 W Montrose Ave! We are very excited about this rehearsal as we’ll be able to have nearly a full day’s worth of practice that we previously would have missed. It’s crucial that we have as many actors participate in this rehearsal as possible to make the most of our last time to practice before tech week! Please let Ms. Schmidt know if you have any questions.

Schedule for tech week is coming soon; please anticipate all cast and all crew members most likely being called during and after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week until at least 6:00.

Pinocchio Rehearsal Schedule – Week 11PinocchioRehearsalScheduleWeek11-page-001


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