IMPORTANT update about costumes!

Hi Pinocchio families!
We are dedicating part of Saturday’s rehearsal on the 19th to checking in with all of our actors – nearly 60 of you! – about costumes. Every actor is required to provide their base costume (shoes, socks, pants/top, skirt/top, overalls, or dress) as well as any accessories you might have to complete the full look. We can provide any pieces you’re having trouble finding yourself, but the more you can personalize your own unique look, the better! Please read through the costume packet again for ideas, and look around your house to see if there’s anything you already have that could work.
Puppets: Think fun puppet/costume kind of look but with a vintage/old-timey feel.
Sparks/Dead Girls: We ask that you provide your own black tights, as well as shoes as pictured in the costumes packet.
All other characters: Your costumes consist of regular clothes that have a 1930s or ’40s look to them. For example:
  • Denim/tweed/wool/plain-looking pants and shirts
  • Regular button up shirts
  • Dresses/skirts/blouses with a ’30s/’40s feel to them
  • Plain shoes/dress shoes/simple boots in dark colors

Check the costumes packet (link at the bottom of this post) for lots of examples and inspiration!

All actors should bring in pictures or actual costume items on Saturday in order for us to get a visual of what they are wearing so we know what accessories we might need to get for them. Feel free to e-mail pictures as well. If you can’t make Saturday’s rehearsal, you may bring your items in another time this week or e-mail pictures before Saturday.
We have a very limited time to purchase needed accessories for everyone, so the sooner we can see your costume ideas, the better!
We’ll be available today, Thursday, and Friday if students want to talk with us about any questions or if they want to brainstorm about what their character might wear. You can e-mail us with any questions as well.
Thank you!

Pinocchio Costumes Packet


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