Pinocchio Costumes Information!

At the bottom of this post is a link to all the information you’ll need for your Pinocchio costume!

Actors are responsible for supplying certain elements of their costumes themselves, while many specific and stylized costume pieces will be provided by the production team with the help of our fabulous parent volunteer Yvette Alvarado.

Once you’ve found a costume piece, pair of shoes, or accessory you think might work for your character, please have your child bring it to rehearsal or send a picture to Ms. Schmidt at for approval. (We encourage you NOT to spend a lot of money on something new, but to try and find fun, vintage pieces you might already have or can pick up at the thrift store.)

Additionally, if you are browsing through this packet and see any items that you own that you’d like to donate or lend to us, we’d love to see what you have!

We’re so excited to see your ideas and welcome any questions or requests for assistance you might have. Thank you!

Click here for the Pinocchio Costumes Packet!


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