UPDATED Rehearsal Schedule for Week 6

PinocchioRehearsalScheduleWeeks05and06UPDATED-page-001View larger: PinocchioRehearsalScheduleWeeks05and06UPDATED

Hi families,

We’ve had to make a few changes to the schedule for next week. Please take careful note of the updated days and times for which your child is called to rehearsal. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “UPDATED Rehearsal Schedule for Week 6

  1. Hi- I hope I’m sending this email to the right place. My daughter, Lana Gillman, is on the Stage Crew and unfortunately she has a conflict this Friday. She feels really awful about this and is hoping she can attend a run through of those scenes a different day? She has a skating competition Saturday and can’t miss her lessons Friday after school. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Fridays are the only days that are difficult for her schedule. Other days are flexible. Of course she will be there on the Fridays for tech/shows!

    Please let me know if there is another run through she can attend in lieu of Friday.

    Andrea Gillman

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    1. Hi Andrea,

      If Lana can make it to rehearsal today (Wednesday 2/17), we will be doing a “stop and go” run-through where she will be able to see most of scenes 1-6. If today is not an option, we can try to work something out for next time we go over those scenes again. Thanks for getting in touch and please let me know what works best for you.


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