Purchase a personalized ad for the Pinocchio StageBELL program book!

PinocchioProgramAdForm_FINAL-page-001PinocchioProgramAdForm_FINAL-page-002Link to printable pdf: PinocchioProgramAdForm

We are excited to announce the sale of personalized ads for our Pinocchio StageBELL program book! Purchasing an ad is OPTIONAL but it is a great way to give a special “shout out” to your child or to promote your personal business to the Bell community. You can be as creative as you like when designing your ad – use your own photographs, fonts, layouts, and message to make it as eye-catching, humorous, or unique as you want!

All proceeds from the ad sales are used to help fund our production. If you decide to purchase an ad, it will be featured in our program book that is distributed at each of our public shows, and which you are welcome to take home after the show as a keepsake.

All students participating in Pinocchio have received an ad form via backpack mail that should arrive home today. If you have any questions about the process or need help designing an ad, please contact our parent volunteers Eve Becker or Jeanne Peck at bellschool.shows@gmail.com.

***We are also in need of one or two parent volunteers who would be willing to go door-to-door around the neighborhood to solicit ads from some local businesses. If you would be willing and available to take on this role for approximately the next month, please contact Kathryn Schmidt at krschmidt@cps.edu.***


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