Notes from Pinocchio Informational Meeting 1/11/16

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our informational meeting last week. For those of you who missed it, below is a recap of what we discussed.

  • Please review and be familiar with all policies in the Pinocchio Contract.
    • Remember that every student must maintain a C or above in every class in order to participate in the show.
    • During rehearsals last spring for Robin Hood, we never had a day of perfect attendance. Inform Ms. Schmidt as soon as possible if you anticipate an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal. Remember that tech week (the week preceding our opening night) is non-negotiable and there should be no other conflicts during this time.
    • Rehearsal time often requires a great deal of independent work and self-governed time. Students must be on their best behavior at all times during rehearsal, whether onstage or not.
  • Some other important rules for rehearsal:
    • No food or drink in the auditorium except onstage during a designated break period.
    • No cell phone use except during a designated break period.
    • Students may not leave the building between the end of the school day and the start of rehearsal (3:15-3:30).
    • Please be cognizant of snacks containing nuts or other allergens, especially when sharing with a friend.
  • Students who ride the school bus MUST have written permission not to ride when staying after school. Notes may be submitted on a daily or weekly basis either in writing or via e-mail.
  • Families are asked to provide a sturdy folder or three-ring binder for their scripts. Please clearly label on the front with student’s name and room number and bring it to every rehearsal, along with a pencil and highlighter.
  • Any permission forms or participation fees that have not yet been turned in should be given to Ms. Schmidt as soon as possible.
  • Some basic show information:
    • Most (if not all) students will learn their lines in both English and American Sign Language, the latter under the guidance of our ASL Director, Mr. Guzmán. Students should treat the ASL in particular with respect and be enthusiastic and committed when learning signs and exposing themselves to Deaf culture.
    • All lines, whether in English or ASL, should be practiced at home as often as possible.
    • Scripts for our productions are always written in real-time as students rehearse and get to know the directors and build relationships onstage. Each scene will be distributed to actors and crew members individually as they are completed.
    • Actors cast in the “ensemble” will fill numerous roles in our production, e.g. singers, dancers, signers, puppets, puppeteers, and other characters as needed.
  • We hold students to a high standard of professionalism and artistic excellence, and students in turn should expect the same from the production team.
  • This show, as always, is unaffiliated with Lookingglass Theatre. Katy and Levi are hired through Lookingglass every year to teach a theatre residency program to the third graders, but that is distinct from Bell’s Spring Fine Arts Performance.

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