Rehearsal Schedule – Weeks 1 and 2


Pinocchio Rehearsal Schedule- Weeks 01 and 02
Link to pdf of rehearsal schedule (to increase size): PinocchioRehearsalScheduleWeeks01and02

We are excited to announce that Pinocchio rehearsals will begin after school this Monday, January 11th! Please pay close attention to the date and time of each rehearsal to which your student is called. With the exception of Student Production Team, all cast and crew are only required to attend rehearsal on the days where their character or group is listed.

Please also note that we are holding a mandatory informational meeting for all cast, crew, and families on Monday, January 11th at 5:30pm, immediately following our first rehearsal. In this meeting, we will introduce the production team, discuss the rehearsal process and procedures, share the vision of our production, and describe the details of The Neverbird Project and its relation to our show. It is essential that all students and at least one family member attend as we begin our Pinocchio journey together! (If you or your child will be unable to attend this meeting, please inform Ms. Schmidt as soon as possible.)

See you all on Monday!!


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